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Working Papers

"Of Cattle and (Wo)men: Animal Domestication and Gender Disparities in Sub-Saharan Africa", 2022.

"Access to 3G Internet and Cultural Change", 2022.

"Disease, Drought, and Development: Effects of the 1890s Cattle Plague in Sub-Saharan Africa", with Raphael Godefroy and Joshua Lewis, 2021.

"Sibling Gender and Marriage Patterns in Sub-Saharan Africa", 2021.

Journal Articles

"Health-related quality of life and lockdown: Analysis of effects and risk factors", with Thomas G. Poder, Elise Dufresne, Jie He, and Roxane Borgès Da Silva, International Journal of Health Preference Research, July 2021, 1:2-26.

Research in Progress

"Traditional Supernatural Beliefs and Children's Health", with Nchare Fogam.

"Traditional Supernatural Beliefs and Desire to Emigrate".

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